Even in this digital era, a Wedding Album remains popular.  There’s something special about flicking through an actual book of precious memories, which is somehow better than scrolling through images on a laptop.

As with the technology behind the photographic process, the Wedding Album has changed dramatically in recent years.  Albums have traditionally been quite expensive, due in part to the cost of manufacture and the time that the wedding photographer must spend designing and arranging the layout of each page.  These days however, there are options to suit every budget.  Here are a couple:


Photo Books

There are many businesses which offer on-line photo books, which you can create yourself.  The biggest trap here is that not all photo books are created equal, with significant variations in quality.

One of the best is, which you can utilise to create a photo book at a very reasonable price.  Blurb also allows friends & family to order additional copies.  Phillip Stott Wedding Photography has a sample Blurb photo book, which you are welcome to take a look at.

A couple of handy hints when creating a photo book are:

  • Spend time before you start, deciding which photos you want to include in your photo book, as this will make the subsequent “drag and drop” run smoothly.

  • Sign up to an on-line photo book provider, then simply sit back and wait.  In the days that follow you will likely receive promotional Emails offering discounts.


Wedding Albums

Wedding Albums are a significant step up from photo-books in terms of quality, elegance, style and durability.  They utilise the very best design, printing techniques and materials to produce an heirloom product which will last for generations.

Phillip Stott Wedding Photography offers Graphistudio wedding albums.  Italian made, Graphistudio is recognised as one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-end wedding albums.  


You can include a Graphistudio Wedding Album in a photography package from around $700 to $1500.  Each album is individually customised, so you can simply select a size and leave everything else to your photographer, or you can be fully involved, working with your photographer in the design and the selection of images to be included in the album.  Phillip Stott Wedding Photography has a sample Graphistudio Wedding Album which you are welcome to take a look at.